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These abalone shell tassel earrings are exceptionally unique. They combine the genuine beauty of abalone shell, with a flawless decorative teardrop design. The small dangling abalone shell pieces are an amazing eye catcher.

The earrings do make a wonderful statement. Their unique size and exotic design, will not leave you unnoticed. You'll pick up compliments all around.






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Artisan Abalone Shell Flower Shaped Drop Earrings with Fishhook Clasps

These abalone shell drop fish hook earrings are not your typical "over the shelf" earrings. The earrings are 100% handmade. Our jewelry designers carefully crafted each element to create a perfect set of earrings. The earrings are shaped as an adorable flower.

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Genuine Cameo & Ablone Shell Round Drop Earring with Fishhook Clasps

Looking for unique earrings? Something special that no one has worn before?  Consider this earring set as a true candidate. These earrings are made from genuine abalone shell. They display a real flawless round design.

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Heart Shaped Abalone Shell Earrings Sale featuring Mosaic Checkered Design & Fishhook Clasps

These abalone shell earrings are exceptionally unique and beautiful. They are shaped in a beautiful heart shape and display a distinct checkered pattern.

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