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These abalone shell drop earrings are adorably unique. Notice the abalone shell covering the four butterfly wings?

Abalone shell is exquisitely special. It is an exotic, natural, material which embodies dark green tones in various shades.






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Swarovski Heart Earrings

Get ready to be amazed by these amazing swarovski heart earrings. The earrings embody the beauty of the finest crystal.

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Swarovski Crystal Earrings

We’re delighted to present our recent additional to our 2017 jewelry findings collections – a beautiful set of swarovski crystal earrings.

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Genuine Cameo & Ablone Shell Round Drop Earring with Fishhook Clasps

Looking for unique earrings? Something special that no one has worn before?  Consider this earring set as a true candidate. These earrings are made from genuine abalone shell. They display a real flawless round design.

$4.99 $33.27 -85%
Reduced price!
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