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Classic pearl necklaces use round pearls as their main theme. But if you’re looking for a sheer amount of sophistication, you would certainly find it in our oval shaped pearl necklace.

Perfectly harmonized, this necklace proclaims the definition of elegance. Please don’t be mistaken by its innocent look. This isn’t the typical cheap pearl necklace you would find on “bargain” sites such as eBay, Amazon or Etsy. Each pearl included in this necklace has been carefully selected. Each knot has met its perfect spot, ensuring the ultimate positioning and spacing between each pearl and the one next to it.

The world of jewelry making has seen the expansion of “instant” made pearl necklaces using large scale production machinery in China. In general, this phenomenon has helped lower the average market price of pearl necklaces.

However, in the face of this mass production and standardization in the jewelry world, the value of a true, classic, handmade pearl necklace, strung entirely by hand according to years-long art and tradition, has only increased.

This rise in the intrinsic value of a classic pearl necklace has met its peak as much as its elaborate making process has become rather scarce.






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