About this jewelry

We are so proud to present our true genuine Italian pearl necklace, a classic creation which continues a legacy of a lifetime.

This pearl necklace is 100% handmade. Each necklace is made by our jeweler, from imported quality pearls.

We absolutely love our pearl necklaces and we are sure you are going to love them too!

We are offering this beautiful quality designer pearl necklace for 62% Off, for a limited time.

You simply can’t miss this opportunity to own this beautiful necklace!

Because this necklace is strictly handmade, no two necklaces are 100% alike. You should expect the length of the necklace to be approximately 17-17.5”, and the pearls are roughly 8-9mm in measurable diameter.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to own an elegant creation, brought to you by our boutique shop.


The making of a pearl necklace:

The creation of a pearl necklace is an intricate process and calls for unique knowhow and workmanship. Each necklace starts with the selection of the right pearls to be used for the necklace. The pearls have to be closely related and a mindful jewelry maker must check the pearls size to ensure a proximate uniformity.

But stranding the pearls together on silk cords isn’t enough. Each two pearls must be separated by a double knot, to avoid “spilling the beans” if the cord gets torn for any reason.

Finally, the clasp has to be properly affixed and should be of the right size and shape to fit the necklace.

These four steps are essential in the making of a quality handmade pearl necklace which is both beautiful and lasting.







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